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President Keith Bentley 404.906.8853
Vice-President Jeremy Fort 770.560.5224
Secretary Liz Davis 770.431.9786
Treasurer Myrna Evans 678.231.1826
Committee Chairpersons
Membership Leon McElveen 770.431.0292
Hospitality Alicia Wood 770.912.1359
Communications Casey Clavin 770.333.9995
Social Events Susan Bentley 770.433.0350
Becky Freedman 678.504.5375
Adopt-A-Mile Lee Friedman 678.039.4987
Development Review Lem Ward 770.863.9580
Happy Hour Jill Huitron 404.376.5114
Security Wendy Amundson 770.865.2347
Beautification Robyn Phillips 678.634.3395
Thelma Hancock 770.432.0801
Traffic Calming Stephen McQuade 404.993.7803
At Large Hayli McQuade 404.502.1116
Jonathan Stroble 678.414.8316

Standing Committees Overviews

This committee shall publish and disseminate a newsletter and create and maintain a record of Association activities. This committee shall make best efforts to create and manage the Association web site. Subcommittees may include: Newsletter, History, and Web Site. This committee shall work with the President and Vice-President to publicize or communicate time-sensitive neighborhood issues or developments.
*Committee Chair :Casey Clavin 770.333.9995

Security and Safety
This committee shall undertake best efforts to enhance safety and security within the geographic boundaries of the Association and are to work with the City of Smyrna Police and Fire Departments as necessary to accomplish this purpose. This committee manages the Neighborhood Watch Program.
*Committee Chair :Wendy Amundson 770.865.2347

Beautification and Preservation/Garden Club
This committee shall create and coordinate community beautification and clean-up projects and promote the preservation of the unique character of the neighborhoods within geographic boundaries of the Association. This committee works closely with the City of Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department and the “Keep Smyrna Beautiful” organization to support community projects.
*Committee Co-Chairs :Robyn Phillips 678.634.3395
Thelma Hancock 770.432.0801

This committee is responsible for the recruitment of eligible persons into the membership of the Association. This committee maintains the membership roster and assists the Treasurer in the collections of dues.
*Committee Chair :Leon McElveen 770.856.1544

This committee undertakes efforts to welcome new residents, to commemorate significant events in the life of the membership and the general neighborhood and to assist the Communications Committee in publicizing events of interest.
*Committee Chair :Alicia Wood 770.912.1359